The Artist

Artist Background and Moviation

I am currently pursuing a career as a multi-media artist after receiving an MFA from UTD in 2016. My background includes a Ph.D in Physics and a career in research, engineering and high-tech management. I am fascinated by the fact that most science and math theories are explained with images that appear as beautiful abstract or contemporary art. Many art installation designs require a fundamental understanding of science and math principles for implementation.

The Walker

Art Projects

My photography and multimedia art span a variety of styles and genre. The photography is categorized as Projected Forms, Abstract Intersections Amplified, Contemporary, Color:Street, B&W:Street and Macro. My primary interest is in narratives driven by humor, anger, surprise, terror, humanity, the extraordinary, the unexpected, and surrealism. The prime objective is to draw the viewer into a closer look, to ask questions and, possibly, to create their own narrative.

The "Projected Forms" project mixes human body forms with projected images to generate an altered perception of the geometric and abstract designs. The body is the pallet and the projector is the brush to explore a greatly enhanced creative space, spawning highly engaging visual images. Some of the abstract designs are created using the sound/animation synthesizing tools.

Animations are designed to tell a story highlighting the connection of art to our feelings, dreams and fantasies. Some examples of animations include: Universal Concepts (Theory of the Multi-Universe), Starry Nights World Tour (trip through Van Gogh's Starry Night paintings) and Bubble Art ( how to create abstract art from Bubbles).Push the play button on the right to see clips from these animations.

The "Abstract Intersections Amplified" project synthesizes original sound with multiple animations. Abstract video is created by mixing animations and sounds using hardware and software modular synthesis techniques. The design of this project was driven by my desire to create compelling abstract video, images, and sound that engage the viewer to explore a multi-dimensional, surreal realm of the original animation and video topics. Push the play button below to hear a sample of the synthesized sound that drives the color in the abstract video.